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Saffar Aziz, executive chef restaurant complex D.O.M:

Revolution in the restaurant complex D.O.M

«The restaurant complex, in the name of which the abbreviation Deus Optimus Maximus stands, should be called Sempter In Motu (Latin «Always on the move»), or take the famous aphorism for the slogan. Almost every season, D.O.M comes with at least a new menu, and this time with a new executive chef. Aziz Saffar, who came to Sochi to modernize D.O.M - is fundamental, but very elegant.

Restaurant complex idea of culinary diversity and the rejection of a loop in one national direction is as close as possible. And in this regard, D.O.M and Aziz Saffar fit each other perfectly. Aziz was born in Morocco, rich in his gastronomic traditions, but already in his early childhood he moved to France, where he received a culinary education. France is one of the most multinational countries in Europe, as is its cuisine. This is also Aziz himself, who is fluent in French, Italian, Mediterranean, meat and fish cuisines.

The new D.O.M menu, which will appear very soon, is difficult to attribute to any one direction: mixes from all over Europe, Japanese accents, flirting with local cuisine and absolutely author's recipes. All this is very well combined with the idea of partitioning space into conceptual zones. Yes, this "breakdown" was before, but now it has undergone tremendous changes: on the ground floor there will be an easy French cafe with an abundance of baked goods and always fresh croissants, and the second floor will be an ultimatum fish restaurant, where they will set up etalazhes with ice and shellfish, as well as several aquariums with live fish.

Executive chef interesting not only the ubiquitous red mullet or the traditional sea bass and dorado (although with them you are expected a surprise in the form of wild, and not grown in greenhouse fish - believe me, the taste of them differs drastically), but almost all the seafood: from Japanese oysters to six species of tuna. So for all lovers of sevice and oysters a new point appeared on the map - D.O.M promises its guests the greatest "sea" variety in the city.


The third floor - the patrimony of Aziz: brutal meat menu, original recipes that will change almost every day, cases for the maturation of meat. Among other things, the chef-tabl format will function here, when the executive chef prepares in the open kitchen for its guests.


The concept of seasonality in the restaurant complex D.O.M will also be revealed in a new way. Yes, everyone knows that seasonality and locality are now screaming in every second restaurant, only this "seasonality" often remains nothing more than an advertising slogan and is limited to the appearance in the dishes of figs / persimmons / pomegranate. Aziz also approaches this concept with his characteristic maximalism. A small but very illustrative example: executive chef does not understand how restaurants can offer year-round dishes with asparagus, which, suddenly, has its own flowering period. Total and absolute seasonality, this also applies to fish. Saffar is an ardent opponent of frozen food, so in D.O.M will be served only that fish that has only recently sailed in the ocean. The same approach to wildfowl, and other culinary specialties, so that the menu will change four times a year minimum. Particularly successful "catches" will be the occasion for special dinners, such as tasting freshly caught tuna.

It's time to get used to another understanding of the words "seasonality" and "freshness". But it is also planned to launch a culinary school, which will be led by Aziz himself, which only adds intrigue. It seems that the D.O.M team decided to reinvent the notion of a modern restaurant».

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